International Conference of Library Science and Humanities


6th of October 2017, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Sixteenth Edition



             Our colloquy applies to all those concerned to capture the specificity elements of images from various types of publications, in direct relation with the concept and the issue of the imaginary. Throughout the history of the printing press, the images have represented either an explanatory support for the written text, or a way to exit the area of the text itself, in order to escape into the "fantastic" reality of the imaginary. The question that we ask ourselves (the very one that actually has called forth numerous written works concerning the image) is: what makes the reader feel the urge to apprehend the printed letters also as a "spectator", i.e. as a viewer? Is it, somehow, the case of a "less knowledge" that would induce the need for augmentation of imaginative tools? Could we depict a speech belonging to the human being’s subjectivity, in an attempt to shape the world through interior distinctions? And what happens today, when the image is forced to take into account the "twisted" context of reality and the effects of a post-human factor that few have anticipated? Could someone consider the symbolic element as being essential for imaginary configuration and, equally, an imaginal one? Has the art of printing brought a contribution to changes in the area of image representation, or has it gone after "life" itself, with all the transformations implied?

         Our meeting is meant to get together librarians, educators, researchers, Ph.D. candidates and individuals who are interested in making the most of the theme suggested. Equally, we mostly welcome all those who are interested in a dialogue about the perennial theme of image and imaginary.

             The summaries (maximum 400 words, in English or French), as well as the author’s institutional and professional co-ordinates, will be sent by email (Word document) to Sorin Crişan (, prior to the date of 01 September 2017. The working languages of the Conference are English and French. For works in which the discussed phenomenon is innerly specific to Romanian or Hungarian cultures, we offer the possibility of separate sections in the two languages. The selection of participating works will be submitted by the Scientific Committee of the Conference and the decision will be announced until 15 September 2017.

             The presented studies will be published in the magazine of the Romanian Academy, Études biblologiques/Library Research Studies.

             Responsible person: Sorin Crişan.


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